Optimize Physio are a fantastic, professional physiotherapy and sports injury clinic in Edmonton. Their experienced Edmonton physiotherapists are able to treat several different injuries and conditions due to their exceptional knowledge and experience. Their team of staff are dedicated to being able to provide individuals with rehabilitation services in West Edmonton; they focus on optimising human physical potential. They take pride in knowing that they are able to create a positive environment with a relaxing and calm but professional atmosphere, this ensures strong patient relationships and that they provide the best care possible to them. They offer a range of different services these include workplace injuries, fracture/surgery rehab and general assessments. Then the treatments that they are able to help care for include arthritis, vertigo, low back pain and joint sprains.

One of the services these Edmonton physiotherapists offer is for motor vehicle accidents. So if you have recently been involved in a motor vehicle accident you should contact your insurance provider to report the accident and begin a claim. An adjuster will then be assigned to your case to help guide you through the process. If you do have any serious medial concerns you should seek advice from your doctor first. Following on from the initial MVA treatment, the physiotherapist will inform you if you’re eligible to receive treatments within the diagnostic treatment protocols. The DTP are a pre-authorised set of treatments which must be completed within 90 days of your accident. Another service that they offer is for if you’re recovering from a recent fracture or surgery, this is their fracture/surgery rehab. If this is the case then you can still get direct access to physiotherapy without a doctor’s note. Although, often in the case of a fracture or surgery it is important for your physiotherapist to communicate with your doctor to ensure that optimal interventions are being used.

Then a treatment that they offer is for spinal manipulation. Their therapists are trained and certified to administer spinal manipulation when appropriate. Spinal manipulation is a high velocity, low amplitude thrust that helps to restore joint alignment, improve mobility, improve joint lubrication, relieve muscle spasm and provide pain relief. Another treatment they offer is for advanced fitness rehab. This is because ue to being clinicians they can no longer rely on just their typical physiotherapy assessment. With constantly varied training methods being incorporated in all levels of athletics, they must adapt our assessment and treatment techniques accordingly. They have access to equipment such as a pull-up bar, kettle bells, rings, climbing ropes and a rowing machine. This allows them to analyze pain, mobility issues, and potential areas of biomechanical inefficiencies with specific functional movements.