You don’t want just any dermatologist taking care of your skin; you want the best. But how do you know if the Denver dermatologist is the best that Colorado has to offer?


Legally, any doctor with a medical degree and a license to practice can open a dermatology clinic. Just because a doctor calls himself a dermatologist doesn’t mean he has actually studied dermatology at all. He could be a general practitioner or from any number of specialties that have nothing to do with dermatology.

But a good dermatologist will have additional years of study and have taken and passed stringent exams. Conduct a free online search to make sure your doctor is board certified by the American Board of Dermatology specifically.

Relaxed Appointments

The best dermatologists don’t treat you like a number and rush out the door after five minutes. They take the time to listen to the patient, check the chart, and answer questions. He’ll explain your options and treatment plans and address any concerns you might have.

A dermatologist who rushes through appointments, dismisses your concerns, or is hard to follow up with doesn’t really respect you or value you as a patient.

After-Hours Care

It’s not uncommon for a patient to have a reaction after a treatment or have an urgent concern. You want a doctor that you can reach after hours if you need them. If your Denver dermatologist doesn’t have an on-call service that you can call for after-hours emergencies, you need to keep looking for another doctor.

No Pushing

A dermatologist is your doctor, not a salesman. Neither he nor his staff should be pushing products, remedies, or treatments on you, especially if they don’t specifically address your needs.

A good dermatologist won’t see you as a “mark” or someone to make money off of. His primary concern should be your skin health, not his wallet.

Generous With Samples

If your doctor’s office has plenty of samples on hand for a variety of products, it shows that he wants to help you find the right solution for your issues, not just any solution or a product that he makes the most money on.

You should be able to try a variety of products if you want to, before making the commitment to a prescription. If samples aren’t offered, don’t be afraid to ask´┐Ż”often they end up throwing away many unused samples that expire, so those samples might as well get used by the patients.

If your doctor gets a passing grade on all five of these qualities of a great dermatologist, you’ll know you’ve found the dermatologist for you.